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An URGENT Message From the Office of:
UAMI and Jorge Arguello

What Art Means To Me:
Art: The POSITIVE expression of one's innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions brought out in a form that is beautifully unique shared with others.
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I's a fact; Children who are infused with and surrounded by art work well together, have better balance, interact with others on a higher level and stay centered in a positive frame of mind. Children infused with art generally do not resort to violence as a means of expression and grow up to be higher functioning and positive adults.

Now, since art has been almost completely eliminated from the school systems, our youth and young adults suffer from depression, resort to violence and have a higher rate of suicide. In fact, suicides have TRIPLED in the last 30 years coinciding with the removal of art programs from the schools by mandate 30 years ago.

And it seems that all we hear about are the violent acts 18 to 22 year olds perpetrate on society, especially back at the school systems which is evidenced by the horrors of Columbine and more recently Virginia Tech and Illinois University, naming only a few . . .

With UAMI centers across the country, we can bring that balance back to today's youth instructing them on positive emotional expression using the language of art. The facts are that a child infused with art expresses emotions, is generally happier, excels in their school work and studies, and handles societal pressures on a much higher level than those who are not.
  • Why the Artistic Creative Expression Program
    is essential in the lives of our Youth!
I asked myself the hard question of what I can really do to create a positive environment for our teenager's daily experiences while helping to eliminate the stresses they encounter on a daily basis. It is, after all, much easier for us to articulate our feelings than a child or teen can. But it goes beyond that because young people have not been taught the "principles" of positive emotional expression and doing anything artistically is foreign to most kids today.

So I asked how can I use the language of art in such a way to infuse their souls, culturally feeding them with what is the language of positive manifestations to negative feelings and situations, in order to express emotions more positively while reaching their highest potential?

I created a non profit corporation, the United Arts Movement International for the sole purpose of creating "Artistic Creative Expression" centers for kids ages 10 to 21. We discovered that by learning how to see life differently even a child can "change their stars" and by using and incorporating the 40 Developmental Assets, and forming Influential Relationships with young people, they begin to take charge of their lives with empowered and positive enthusiasm, maybe even for the first time


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United Arts Movement International although a non profit corporation residing in California is awaiting 501c(3) status from the IRS. Your donation may or may not be tax deductible so PLEASE consult with your tax advisor.