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Thank you for visiting the Gallery page.

Here you’ll find art created by local artisans, each one being a one of a kind art piece. You will also find art created by our children from UAMI’S Artistic Creative Expression Centers as they become available for you to enjoy.

When you purchase a painting for example, you will receive a quality, museum quality print and a prominent mention on the our website. Your donation and purchase supports the mission of this organization which is immersing children with all art, across the board, showing our young the means of expression releasing their emotions through "Artistic Creative Expression"

Your donation will give millions of children the opportunity to remain in or regain a healthy and positive reinforcement in their lives, and the means to express it, bringing more joy to our children’s lives raising the vibration of peace worldwide.

I am happy and grateful that you are in the UAMI family.

Thank you.
Jorge Arguello