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The Expression of art is vital for our evolution as human beings and it becomes especially important for every child's emotional well being. Why is this so? Because my research, experiences and beliefs tell me that every person requires a sense of balance, to achieve their highest potential in life.

This balance is achieved when we combine scholastic excellence with “Artistic Creative Expression” which is exposure to, and surrounded by, art in different forms. Studies indicate how vitally important art is in our lives, yet here in the United States it has been almost completely eliminated from our school system; the same school system where our children spend at least 19 years of their lives and more if they attend college.

Interestingly enough, as art was being eliminated from our schools twenty five years ago, we had no idea nor did we realize the consequences of letting it happen, or that today we would be reeling from its negative effects.

The fact is and statistics show that teen suicides have TRIPLED in that same 25 years within the age groups between 15 and 25. Depression in our children has risen dramatically since then and suicide attempts are 50% higher than it ever was in the previous one hundred years, not to mention the rising teen violence growing around the country.


Society has changed; this is true. It no longer is the same country we grew up in and anyone over forty can tell you that we had art exposure in school. It was part of the curriculum then. It taught us how to express emotions in a positive way.

What are kids reaching out and trying to tell us? Our children have been bottling up their emotions. If you're a parent, you know how terrible it is to have your child bottle up emotions. We do everything we can to bring out whatever our child is feeling in order to do something about it.

What’s happening to our kids today is like comparing it to a coffee pot; emotions are the water inside the pot and it’s on the fire coming to a boil. Emotions bottled up fester and seethe, like the water coming to a boil and if the fire is not turned off it begins to percolate. If you do nothing and you leave it on the fire it boils over and blows out all over the place.

This percolating of their emotions contained inside the coffee pot if you will, have manifested in the most horrific ways, evidenced by the senseless killings at Columbine, the Amish murders in Pennsylvania and more recently at Virginia Tech University, and that’s just mentioning a few.

If you are a parent, grandparent or soon to become a parent you realize that if you have an unhappy child you'll want to do anything to help your kid. And if you can’t or haven’t reached them in time you take them to someone who can possibly help.

Usually that means some form of therapy by a psychiatrist or mental health specialist to the tune of $150 to $350 and up every hour you spend time there. More often than not by then it can be too late.


The research done on these individuals mentioned above indicate that they did not have an infusion of art in their lives. This is not blame on the parents because as mentioned before our society has changed and most parents do the best they can.

However, our system is askew when all we do is push our children to excel and not provide them with creative outlets. The shame of this is that this extreme push for scholastic excellence on our children begins in pre-school and it gets worse from there. I know; I worked in the school systems from pre-school to high school and I can tell you it doesn't appear to be letting up.


You see, children express their emotions through artistic means and it begins at a very young age. When your two year old son or granddaughter draws a picture with crayons on paper, and it is of a sunny day, birds flying and stick figures of mom, dad and brother, you can assume she is a happy camper.

But if you see stick figures with sad faces and dark colors, snarling dogs and mom falling out of an airplane to the ground, then you may want to find out what is wrong in his or her life.

So where does the answer lie and if you were presented with a solution to this increasing problem, would you be willing to be a part of it? I have that solution and a way to curb, stem and completely turn the behaviors around preventing this from continuing and that is . . .

. . . through forming influential relationships with young people and FOCUSING on building SPECIFIC ASSETS in our youth. We build these relationships by incorporating what we call the 40 Developmental Assets and the ACE program which stands for Artistic Creative Expression at UAMI’S artistic creative expression centers. I am bringing art infusion back to our children as it is my purpose and passion to do so.

Children who are infused and exposed to art work well together, interact with others on a higher level, and are centered in a positive frame of mind. In a word they, are better balanced.

Children infused with art generally do not resort to violence as a means of expression. Yes, there are exceptions to all rules and I'm sure you could cite rock stars who beat their girlfriends but there are bad apples to every profession and in all walks of life.

My centers are not about eliminating all violence, greed, murders, etc.; those things are as old as mankind itself but the facts are that a child infused with art expresses herself better emotionally, is generally happier, excels in their school work and studies, and can handle societal pressures on a higher level than those who are not.

Also, my centers are not about turning your child into a rock star or the next Picasso although your child could be if that is where they want to go. However what I am talking about is giving your children a way to emotionally express themselves in a positive manner.


I asked myself the hard question of what I can really do to ease and soothe our children's daily experiences and the stresses they encounter. What is the missing ingredient in their lives? You have to remember that we can articulate our feelings for the most part but a child cannot as easily.

How can I surround children with art in such a way to infuse their souls, culturally feeding them with what I call the universal language that ALL humans understand?

And so after all the research, the time spent working with children and realizing that with art comes balance, I have created a non profit corporation, the United Arts Movement International for the sole purpose of creating "Artistic Creative Expression Centers" for our youth.

My centers offer children, regardless of background or status, the sanctuary needed to infuse art into their lives or continue an art form they wish to pursue and benefit from the EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION that art provides.

As a teacher and former teacher's aide, I understand the calming effect that infusion of art has on a child and one thing I know to be absolutely true is that a child who participates in some form of art, whether it is learning an instrument, becoming a dancer, or even just singing, making up lyrics and just humming to themselves, are happier, more emotionally balanced, well behaved and had higher IQ and levels of understanding than those not exposed.

The children I observed to have little or no art in their lives were emotionally repressed, moody, despondent, displayed erratic behavior patterns and generally had lower understanding levels across the board.

And generally speaking, those same kids that I knew in early elementary school that later I saw in the middle school or high school years, were as troublesome as they were as youngsters and by then were even more violent, depressed while some even using language with suicidal overtones.


How important then is art in the life of a child? It becomes EXTREMLEY IMPORTANT for every child’s emotional well being. And it is obviously apparent to me that we must encourage and bring ALL ART FORMS to the youth including but, not to the exclusion of, music, dance, painting, and an all around program of art appreciation!

Some of the strategies of the 40 developmental assets and the ACE program we teach children include inviting discussions, accepting opinions different from mine and other adults, honesty and building trust, respect, responsibility and encouraging our students to become PROBLEM SOLVERS using POSITIVE manifestations and different ways of looking at life.

Art is extremely essential to our evolution as a species. It is because of art that we are as highly evolved as we are today. Many, if not all, scientists agree that ceremonies like burials, spiritual realizations, and ART are the key contributing factors propelling the human race forward out of the caves and trees, into the light and up the evolutionary scale separating us from all lower creatures.

My purpose and passion is in creating the first "free admission to all" “Artistic Creative Expression” art centers because with all the cultural and artistic avenues we have, it's still not reaching the vast majority of our children. There are so many left out of the loop still. What do I mean?

There aren't many centers where a child can go to learn how to play the oboe or learn how to sculpt, or even paint, especially if their family cannot afford it. And if a family cannot afford to send a child to private school then that child is never exposed to fine art paintings, beautiful sculptures, Jazz, poetry or any of the fine arts. No exposure to art equals less positive emotional expression.

There are many parents who want to give their child that opportunity but can't because they have a hard enough time making ends meet especially when even 40 dollars looms large and won’t even fill a family's gas tank.

Now, kids and their parents have a choice because the United Arts Movement International gives parents the freedom from having to worry about expense.

I provide it for them through sponsorships and donations.

The United Arts Movement International is creating centers where all people can attend and be exposed to art of all kinds across the board.

My Artistic Creative Expression centers provides a place where a child can learn to paint with brushes on canvas, create sculpture, and even learn how to play the oboe if they desire.

If they want to learn music for three months, and then want to learn how to do pottery, then so be it because they will be able to do just that.

Remember that this is neither a ‘traditional’ school nor a “let me teach you how to play guitar” kind of mentality.

These Artistic Creative Expression centers infuse art into a child giving them a broader view of life while providing them with spirituality and emotional expression.

My centers permeate a child with cultural art forms and cultural events as a means for their growth, balance and emotional release while keeping them centered so they can then handle the pressures of society in a more positive way.


The specific purpose of this corporation is to provide our children ages 10 through 21 access, without regard to income or status, art realizations whether it is in the form of music, sculpture, painting, poetry, dance, film, recording or in any form so that they realize and achieve their fullest balanced, empowered, peaceful and loving potential as a human being providing them the guidance and balance of positive emotional expression.

(As stated in the articles of incorporation of United Arts Movement International)

This is my mission and life’s purpose. I have taken it upon myself to bring peace, health, and well being back to our children here in my hometown, your hometown our country, and our world.

It is my mission to keep our children well rounded so that they can continue growing and becoming great human beings. Together we must show our children that we care. My stance is here and I have begun already.

With your help, together we can help make this a reality for your children, helping make this world a better place for your kids and ourselves … today, now.

The first art center is located here in Redding, California. I'll be in your neck of the woods soon too. I am already doing this. Help me to reach as many kids as possible. Our children’s emotional and balanced well being are at stake and only a positive outcome can come of this.

Thank you for reading all the way through and please make a donation to ensure the successes of our children. Peace and Love.