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Jorge Arguello is founder and Director/CEO of the 501 c3 non profit corporation United Arts Movement International. Some of his other accomplishments include being an author, a graduate of the prestigious music school Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California, musician/songwriter and bandleader of the highly successful Majical Band.

Jorge who also owns and runs Majical Music and Marketing, has a flourishing online business helping artists, single dads and moms and many others become online e-preneurs running their own thriving online projects.

Jorge has been an artist from the get go. His grandmother was a concert pianist in Nicaragua and his parents immersed him with piano lessons at the tender age of 5 although he had been “plinking” the keys for a couple of years already.

By the age of 7 he began performing piano recitals at different school programs but when the rock and roll scene blasted off and the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys controversy began in the mid sixties, Arguello realized that was the direction he wanted to go in.

Pianos being the cumbersome instrument that they are, Arguello finally picked up the guitar and the rest is history.

Arguello worked as management in different fields of the electronics industry throughout his life but art remained his passion and would call to him over and over. Giving up his corporate shoes he entered into the educational field and taught music privately and professionally.

Since 1993 he kept finding ways to perform music and present art in front of school age kids but being a single dad himself and raising two children on his own he found that it wasn’t lucrative enough to put food on the table.

Arguello struggled with finding ways to immerse children with art as he had done with his kids realizing that all art programs had been cut out of school curriculums. After years of trying one thing or another, he went on to work as a teacher’s aide in the school systems of Shasta County where he found his love of teaching and working an arts program with pre-school, elementary and middle school children.

This is where his ACE or Artistic Creative Expressions program began to take shape. What he found was that by applying certain musical exercises, and utilizing DIFFERENT ART FORMS, he noticed that children who had struggled for one reason or another began showing improvements in their personalities while finding a certain balance that was lacking in their lives. After some tweaking and improvements, the ACE program was born.

With the United Arts Movement International, or UAMI, Arguello dedicates his life to “immerse children with art providing them with a means and the knowledge to emotionally express themselves in a positive manner” through the appreciation of, and using the "language" of art and the balance it restores.

“My mission and purpose in life is to grow my ministry of art infusion with the first center to be built in Redding, three more in the region by the end of 2008 and at least 200 of these across the nation by 2012. By 2017 I want to see at least 100 more outside the U.S. throughout the world. Let’s help bring balance to our children by helping them regain the well being and emotional stability that art brings to a person; art being the universal language of all and the all.”